Cloud helper

Cloud Helper is a centralized server operation and maintenance management tool.
Support multiple servers for visual managing,one-click install, Server alert, log analyzing etc. and other convenient functions.
Provides one-stop batch cloud server security management service across the cloud multi-platform.

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Product advantage

Exclusive tool

Cross-cloud manage Support all cloud vendors' cloud products, unified managing System Manage Support all cloud vendors' cloud products, unified managing
Site Manage One-click site manage, say goodbye to cumbersome Environment setup One-click install APPS convenient for users to operate/switch freely
Resource Monitor Real-time monitoring of cloud server resources, the latest information is mastered Security Protection Efficient protection of cloud servers, stable resources, safe and worry-free
Safety Check Comprehensive understanding of cloud server health and eliminate hidden dangers Cron Jobs Customize task plan, easy to operate, easy to manage
File Manage Cross-platform remote manage system files, efficient and convenient Database Manage Manage cloud database in real time to ensure high performance stable
remote login Batch management cloud server remote connection Log Audit Examine the log to get a clear understanding of user operations

Support Software

vendor support

Full support for major cloud vendors

System Support

Support for more than 20 cloud server system versions

Windows Server 2008 and above OpenSUSE 13.x Debain7.x、8.x
Centos6.x、7.x Ubuntu12.x、14.x、16.x More version...